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Lenovo N22 Keyboard & Palmrest

Lenovo N22 Keyboard & Palmrest



10 to 14 Day Lead Time

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Orders may be placed using one of these methods:
  • Online by using our electronic checkout process. Please note that a hard copy purchase order will be required to process all orders.
  • Email by sending the purchase order to [email protected].
  • Fax by sending the purchase order to 888.991.4175.
  • Mail by sending the purchase order to Technology Resource Advisors, Inc., Attn: ChromeCare Parts Sales Team, 5403 North 118th Court, Milwaukee WI 53225.
Please include a Sales Tax Exempt certificate with your first purchase order.
Did You Know? ChromeCare Parts offers new 11.6” Chromebook LCDs and OEM pulled Chromebook motherboards, keyboards, and other common parts.
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